I-Cube Open Day


On 28th December 2015, The I-Cube which is a new Entrepreneurship carrier of shanghai pudong software and a very import part of “SPSP entrepreneurship + five years action plan “is formally set up . The offline incubation space area increased to 40000 square meters, capacity of creative and Entrepreneurship get improved, Entrepreneurship nursery - incubator - accelerator, stepwise incubation system has finished.

Innovation and entrepreneurship industry chain has been formed with SPSP foundation. Tang shiqing, science and technology commission of shanghai new area, Wang Xinhao, President of Shanghai pudong development bank Shanghai branch, Du jun- the Chief of China telecom company telecommunication bureau, Yang Weimin- the director of Shanghai zhangjiang hi-tech innovation service center, Zhang Sulong- the director and general manager of Shanghai pudong software park co., LTD., attend the opening ceremony of I-Cube different with other space,I-Cube- as the start point of Shanghai pudong software park support new entrepreneurship team to start new career, will be implemented in policy of "rent" by you. Any entrepreneurship project can move in once passing evaluation and can enjoy all facilities and service within I-CUBE space .After 6 months, before graduation, they you decided to pay and pay how much for the rent voluntarily according to its development condition, experience feelings. All the rent will be all included into the "I-Cube partners venture fund", used for service of subsequent entrepreneurship into I-Cube.

Compared with the relatively independent space of incubator or Hackerspace, with SPSP ‘s background precipitation of more than 20 years operation, the advantage of Six big business community ,more than 600 ICT enterprises, 40000 IT professionals agglomeration, entrepreneurs can get much more help growth here. Shanghai pudong software park Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai pudong development bank and China telecom. "Double the linkage" is the key to ascending function for Shanghai free trade zone area after its expenstion. The interaction between city and city of science and technology is also a big attraction of free trade area