Contract From Germany


On 25th SEP 2015, Zhang Sulong- the general manager of SPSP signed a Cooperation framework agreement with Hardy Rudolf Schmits , the CEO of Berlin AlderShof Park in Beijing.

Berlin AlderShof Park is the largest science and technology park in Berlin, Germany, and also one of the five parks with the most abundant facilities and service industry cluster in Europe, at the same time it is also the standing director unit of world science and technology park association. Berlin AlderShof Park is located in the southeast of Berlin, covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers, has 1100 in enterprises in the fields of IT information, photoelectric, new materials, biological medicine and more than 20000 scientific research and practitioners, as well as more than 10 state-level scientific research institutions and universities.

The contract is important results of actively implement after the visiting of Germany , and also important milestone of spsp launch international cooperation and build international innovation center. According to the agreement and talks, the two sides will establish partnership, to promote China and Germany, Shanghai and Berlin, SPSP and AlderShof to Set up the international field of vision, carries on the project docking and market promotion, provide preferential policies and "one-stop", "soft landing" services, to help enterprises go out and come in better.

In addition to the cooperation with Germany Berlin AlderShof Park, SPSP will also work with other parks, institutions , universities of the United States, Finland, Israel to carry out exchanges and cooperation , promote the building of a world-class software industry innovation community, to contribute to the building of Zhanjiang international academic city and internationally influential of Science and innovation center of Shanghai