There are 1494 soft enterprises with located 587 companies in our park. The software and information services business income is 59.5 billion yuan. With 20 years of development, Shanghai Pudong Software Park has formed a relatively complete industrial chain upstream and downstream. The agglomeration effect is remarkable and industrial park features is clear with active technological innovation, excellent human resources, perfect services.

Leading Industry

We are building up industry element resource pool, accelerate the construction of innovation value system, closely around industry core link key layout, build the industrial chain growth engine, to and industry import supporting system.

After years of layout optimization, the leading industry of the park covers outsourcing services, mobile Internet, chip design, e-commerce and Internet, culture creativity and industry applications, and other fields, demonstration and leading role is significant. Park actively introduced industry-leading strategic customers, and constantly strengthen strategic choice dealer, continuously adjust the industrial structure optimization

  • Outsourcing services
  • mobile Internet
  • chip design
  • e-commerce and Internet
  • culture creativity
  • industry applications