Brand Logo

Our brand Logo is formed by SPSP. This 4 letters is also the Acronyms of Shanghai Pudong Software Park which represents the purpose of the company developing-construction, operation, management of Shanghai Pudong Software Park project . After twenty years of development, Shanghai Pudong Software Park Co., Ltd. from a single company has developed into a 10 controlled shareholding companies system, to become excellent software park construction and operation of service providers.

Brand Personality

SPSP now has three brands. ‘Shanghai Pudong Software Park’ is space product brand. ‘Puruan’ and ‘Huizhi’ are service brands.

  • ‘Shanghai Pudong Software Park’ is space product brand of SPSP, and it represents the world-class software industry innovation community's overall image of Shanghai Pudong Software Park. After 20 years of development, ‘Shanghai Pudong Software Park’ has become a strong brand in software park area.

  • ‘Puran’ is one of the service brands of SPSP, with park resources as the core business, mainly to  provide various services for the enterprises in the park, and aims to be engine to help enterprises successful development.

  • ‘Huizhi’ is another service brand of SPSP, to provide technical services jointly by external resources, and aims to become innovation power in software and information services area.